Also known as Mook Jasper and Mookite

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Healing Properties: In general terms, jasper is a nurturer. Most jaspers are calming and enhance self-belief. Each colour and variety has its own healing properties.

Mookaite marries the qualities of yellow jasper (which calms, clears, stimulates the immune system, balances hormones and supports the endocrine system) and red jasper (which grounds and protects, instils inner strength, supports production of red blood cells, gently improves dynamic energy and passion). This gives mookaite a potent dual nature: on the one hand it encourages dynamic interaction with the external world, so the user is stimulated with new ideas and is inspired to seek new adventures and experiences, while on the other hand the stone induces profound inner stillness. This gives us the opportunity to process, and not be overwhelmed by too much information – whether sensory or otherwise, when we find ourselves in a new situations or deluged by too much happening at once. The red sometimes combines with white, creating wonderful pinks and mauves that enliven the Heart Chakra and bring in higher energies. It is an excellent mineral for those who are travelling, especially when that travel takes them far from their culture and out of their comfort zone. In addition, mookaite is very balancing, and strengthens and supports the immune system.

I find in times of too much external stimulation – whether it’s good or bad stimulation, mookaite helps us to remain centred and calm, so we are able to assimilate and integrate the new information, and relaxes the internal feeling of being an overwound clock. Its calm detachment is a great aid in quieting “monkey mind”, allowing for a deeper level of meditation.


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