Using Crystals for Space Clearing and Protection

Crystals to Keep an Area Clear and Vibrant

Clusters of clear quartz, amethyst, apophyllite and celestite will dissipate energy by sending it out in all directions. A clear quartz cluster that includes some double-terminated points is especially effective, as the energy passes through DT crystals in both directions.

There are also a number of minerals that can be used on their own. A single apophyllite pyramid can keep an area vibrant. Sulphur cleanses the room. Selenite or satin spar will clear energy directionally, and can be placed along a line where negative energy enters a house or room (sometimes referred to as “negative leylines”), and will clear the rest of the room at the same time.

Gridding involves placing crystals around an area to clear, protect, charge, or bring in specific energies. This can be an area as wide as a property, or as small as your meditation cushion. Although specific crystals are used for certain purposes, virtually any crystal can be used in gridding, and you can include a mixture of crystals in your grid.

Always cleanse the crystals before you begin, and programme them if you wish. Programming is a good idea if they are staying in place for a long period of time, or if there is a very specific reason you are using them, for example setting up a protection grid. As with all healing, remember to work ethically, and never grid a property belonging to someone else without their permission. If you are using a public space for healing work, you can grid the area while you are using it, as long as you remove the crystals when you leave, unless you have specific permission from the owner or caretaker to leave them in place.

The most common way to grid an area or room involves placing a small clear quartz point in each corner. If the terminations are pointing towards the corners this will protect the room; if they are pointing inwards they will charge and raise the energy of the room. This is particularly nice if you are using the room for meditation, but be careful of the size of the crystals used, as in this case size does matter, and too much energy can make everyone feel jumpy. If in doubt, experiment. The terminations can also be used to create a clockwise or anticlockwise circle. Generally, placing the points with terminations in a clockwise will enhance, amplify and raise energy, while anticlockwise will diminish or ground it. Selenite or satin spar gypsum can also be used to clear and charge an area, although there are usually no obvious terminations.

Gridding can be used in larger areas to protect or clarify property or help to prevent vandalism, and crystals can even be placed in the foundations of a new building. One local healing centre has rose quartz laid in the foundations of the building, and its energy is always lovely. For protection, black tourmaline (schorl) is a good one to include, but I always add rose quartz, so the intention includes love and compassion.

The effect can be amplified by “activating” the circle. You can channel energy and visualise it joining the circle together in a clockwise direction, possibly drawing the circle of light with your hand. Alternatively, use a wand or your control crystal to do this. Be sure to deactivate the circle at the end, using an anti-clockwise direction, and visualise the connecting line of light disappearing, before you remove the crystals.

Crystals can be placed around the bed, with one on the floor by each leg (the bed’s legs – not yours!). Rose quartz is good for nurturing in general, and especially good if you have a recently broken heart or are just in need of some TLC. Amethyst can help you sleep (although some of you mentioned this didn’t work for you when experimenting with amethyst recently). Some of the green crystals, such as green tourmaline, chrysocolla, green smithsonite or moss agate, can help to boost the immune system if you are ill. Again, experiment, and don’t be afraid to try crystals in combination. Clear quartz, phenakite and selenite are not recommended for the bedroom, as they might keep you awake.

As you have come a long way on this course, and have greater awareness as well as ability to ground, I plan to give you the opportunity to experiment with grids of some rare and powerful minerals. I would like you to make notes of your experience in your journal. I may be asking for your comments at a later date.

Any crystals associated with the Root Chakra will help to protect, partly by reminding you to stay embodied, and also through colour, as mentioned above. Often used are garnet, smoky quartz, black obsidian and black onyx.

Black Tourmaline with Mica

Black tourmaline (schorl) is considered to be the most protective, and if it is coated with silver muscovite mica, it will reflect the energy away from you (and according to Judy Hall, back to its source, where it can be transmuted into a lesson for the sender). Black tourmaline is very powerful. It absorbs energy, and needs to be cleansed regularly. I usually suggest it is only used in cases of genuine psychic attack, whether intentional or otherwise, although it is extremely effective for protection against electromagnetic “smog”.

Pyrite Cubes

Also excellent are: gold tiger’s eye, which is not only protective, but a universal ‘good luck’ stone, blue tiger’s eye, which has been used as a protection amulet for centuries, pyrite, particularly in its cubic form, which not only grounds, but can create a ‘structure’ or shield around you, and chiastolite, which forms a natural cruciform shape within the crystal. The cross as a symbol of protection predates Christianity.

Fluorite Palm Stone

Fluorite is good for keeping your aura clear of other peoples’ stuff, and is very useful when, as a practitioner, you need to be able to ‘feel’ your client’s energy, but not hold on to it.

The most powerful weapon in our arsenal is love. We can purify our own thoughts, and neutralise negativity through unconditional love. This love does not have to be directed to any person in particular, not even our enemies, but to everyone in general, friends, enemies, family, and those we do not know.

Rose Quartz

Crystals that enhance love are fairly obvious: rose quartz, without a doubt, and other pink Heart Chakra crystals, such as morganite, plus sugilite, which is meant to embody universal love. Bright, sparkly green dioptase can open the heart wide, as can petalite in either its clear or pink versions.

Geopathic stress refers to negative or stagnant energy that comes from the land (or the earth itself), as well as the way buildings and roads are placed within the landscape. This is a specialised area of healing, and I will only touch on it here.

If, through dowsing or similar means, you are convinced there is negative energy passing through your house, including from below, you can correct it by place selenite or satin spar either along the line or across it (as mentioned above). Experiment to find the best direction, as it will vary according to the energy you are attempting to correct.

Placing black tourmaline (schorl) at intervals along the line before it enters your house is also effective, and can be used in combination with other crystals to divert the line around your property. Bury the crystals to prevent their being moved or taken away. The other crystals you use will depend on personal preference, the type of energy you are diverting, and how you wish to divert it. I find it difficult to prescribe specific crystals for this, as each situation is unique. The most vulnerable areas of the house are the windows, so place your protection crystals there first and foremost. Black tourmaline with mica or mica on its own can also be placed in windows to deflect the line, as can a selenite crystal in a spearhead or fishtail formation. Tony Scofield of the Radionics Association now believes that, as with many aspects of energy work, changing a negative energy line can be done simply by intention, so rather than stressing over the correct crystal to use, instead use a combination of your intention and intuition to select your crystals.

Water beneath a house, such as a disused well, sometimes creates an energy vortex in the rooms above. This can manifest as a feeling of heaviness or being dragged down into the earth (sometimes helpful if you have difficulty staying grounded!).  Rose quartz seems to be the best crystal for alleviating a vortex, or eliminating it altogether, and it is one of the few cases in which size does matter. A small piece of rose quartz placed directly over the vortex will dampen it, and increasing sizes will reduce it in increments until it is no longer discernable. I discovered this by experimentation, but the idea first occurred to me as a result of the experience detailed below.

Pioneer dowser-healer Jack Temple recognised columns of energy rising up from the earth, often through buildings,, which he perceived to have different colours and qualities. He believed these qualities could be enhanced or dampened by the use of certain crystals. I had the privilege of experimenting in a house where he had identified a “purple healing column”. On a visit to a friend’s cottage, I found myself very jittery, and refused a second cup of tea, intending to leave quickly. The occupant was a healer, so I explained how I was feeling, and she said, “That will be the amethyst”, and went to the next room to remove said crystal. The energy immediately calmed down, and I accepted the second cup of tea. She then explained that Jack had dowsed her cottage, told her there was a column of “purple healing light” coming up through the floor in a certain area, and said she could amplify the energy by placing a small piece of amethyst over the spot. Intrigued, I later returned with a variety of sizes of amethyst points, and we played with them to see what would happen. There was a definite difference according to the size of the crystal. She further explained that he recommended the use of rose quartz to dampen the energy, so we experimented with that as well. The results seemed to bear this out, and later gave me the idea of using rose quartz as a dampener for other unwanted energies, such as the energy vortex described above.

To learn more about Jack Temple, you can visit the following website:
. He has also authored a few books, which are available on Amazon.

For many years I have used a “magic triad” of crystals around my computer and monitor. I have no idea where the idea came from, although I have yet to see it in any crystal book, so I assume it was either something I picked up intuitively, or from another crystal healer. At one point I stopped trusting it, as I could find no reference to it, but since then have embraced it again, and have also experimented with an Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) meter. Even with a cheap and not very sensitive model, there is a difference in the reading when using these crystals. I recommend purchasing a meter and conducting your own experiments. However, at this point in your training, I hope you will be sensitive enough to be aware of energetic changes without using a meter, which is how I worked for many years.

The most important crystal is, once again, black tourmaline. The reading actually drops when most pieces (not all) are held between the monitor and the meter. It appears to absorb the energy, so should be cleansed frequently. The other two are rose quartz and rutilated quartz, both of which contain titanium, which is a non-magnetic element, although I have no idea whether this is the reason they work. In both cases, the meter fluctuates, dropping, then spiking, so I am inclined to believe they effectively send the energy away.

This triad also works well in cases of environmental pollution from electrical devices, power inlets into the house, and electrical sub-stations. A fellow crystal healer and friend lives in a house with an electrical substation in the garden. She suffered from frequent headaches, which had started shortly after moving into the house, and she believes were caused by the substation. On one visit I brought a crate of crystals and we had a play, focussing on her new kitchen extension, which brought her closer to the substation. I didn’t have an EMF meter at the time, so we worked intuitively, trying out different combinations and standing back to feel the effect. Eventually, she ended up with a combination of the triad, placed in front of the patio doors. Apparently, the headaches have virtually disappeared. The last I heard, she was cladding the near wall of the substation with large chunks of rose quartz.