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Janelle Scialla

Janelle Scialla grew up in New Mexico, and has lived in the UK since 1976. She has a background in music and education, and has been a therapeutic practitioner since 1995 and course and workshop facilitator since 2003. She trained in martial arts and a variety of healing modalities, including therapeutic healing, crystal therapy, colour therapy, flower and gem essences, sound healing and craniosacral therapy, and has made a special study of both the historical traditions and the science of crystal therapy.

Janelle has been principal of Earthworks School for the Healing Arts since 2005, when she devised Full Spectrum Healing/Crystal Healing, an integrated approach to healer and crystal therapist training.  She is a registered senior member of the British Register of Complimentary Therapists (BRCP), an officer of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO, and a member of the Crystal Therapy Council (CTC). Full Spectrum Healing/Crystal Healing is affiliated with the ACHO, BRCP, the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO), and the Association for Therapeutic Healers.

Janelle is a published author and photographer, and regularly contributes articles to various magazines, websites, books and booklets, and presents a series of YouTube videos on crystal therapy for Crystal Age TV.

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Interview with Janelle Scialla

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