SiO2 – silicon dioxide (quartz)
Jasper was once considered to be in a group of its own because of its grainy texture. Most is finely grained, dense and opaque, and can contain up to 20% foreign materials. Some Mineralogists make a further distinction between rhyolite jaspers, such as leopardskin and ocean jasper (both vulcanites), and other more uniform jaspers, which are mainly plutonites. Almost all jaspers are opaque, and sold mainly as polished or tumbled stones. The colour range is extensive.

Birthstone for Aries and Leo
Chakra alignment depends on colour

General Properties: Jasper (grainy chalcedony) is denser and more “earthy” than its fibrous cousin (referring to its physical properties as well as energetic). Jaspers tend to be grounding, protecting, calming, and strengthen self-confidence and self-belief. Gienger says it is extremely nurturing, and reminds us to nurture others as well as ourselves.

Jasper occurs in a huge variety of colours, all of which present their own properties.

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