Chemical Formula: Ca2Al2Si3O12(OH) – hydrous calcium aluminium silicate
Colour: colourless, grey, tan, yellow, yellow-green, green

Birthstone for Libra
Aligns with the Heart and Upper Heart Chakras

Properties: Although discovered relatively recently in the great scheme of things, prehnite is one of my “must haves”, as it is a powerful healing stone on many levels – and I mean many levels. However and wherever it is applied, it will not only work directly on the problem in the “here and now”, but will also calm and clear the effects of trauma and illness from the corresponding subtle bodies, and even work in other dimensions. Unlike most minerals, prehnite from different localities will display similar properties, with mild variations according to other included minerals and crystal formation. Prehnite is a general balancer and very calming. It is detoxifying and supports the immune system, so is an optimal choice to fight infection. It also supports healing in most systems of the body, especially connective tissue, bones and skin. It can act as a pain reliever, particularly for arthritis sufferers, and in some cases appears to reverse the condition to some extent.  Prehnite draws attention to the areas in need of healing, and is therefore an excellent diagnostic tool, both for the practitioner and for self-work. Emotionally, prehnite clears and opens the heart, and gently lifts the spirits. It aids acceptance of circumstances in our lives that are beyond our control. Gienger mentions this, and suggests that it is also beneficial in dissolving the feelings associated with unpleasant memories. Mentioned above is prehnite’s ability to work with and connect us with different dimensions. It demonstrates a particular connection with the Nature Realm, which can be accessed through meditation while holding the stone or sitting in a stone circle, or by placing it on an altar while working with the energy of this realm.

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