Also known as pink beryl

Chemical Formula: Be3Al2Si6O18 – beryllium aluminium silicate

Birthstone for Libra
Aligns with the Heart Chakra

Properties: Morganite’s lovely, clear pink colour indicates that this is a heart crystal, but it is a heart crystal with a difference. The detached quality of beryl means morganite teaches us to love without ego, making it an excellent stone for facilitators and practitioners, allowing us to love our clients and students without becoming attached to outcome or personally involved, and also gifts us the ability to facilitate without our egos getting in the way. Morganite has a powerful connection with the Angelic Realm, but for me this connection is with the Overseers – the higher echelons of angels responsible for witnessing the bigger picture, the fate of the Earth and the Universe, who rarely interact with the Human Realm.

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