Chemical Formula: MoS2

Key Words: Balance, coherence, continuity, flow, creativity, self-reflection, self-realisation
Birthstone: Secondary birthstone for Scorpio
Chakra: All
Element: Spirit (Ether) and Water

Mineralogy: Molybdenite is found in granites and pegmatites in high-temperature hydrothermal veins, and in contact metamorphic deposits. The crystals are flat and hexagonal, and often layered, with a greasy-feeling surface, making it easily mistaken for graphite. Molybdenite has a higher specific gravity, more metallic lustre, and is slightly blue-tinged in comparison. Molybdenite is the main source of molybdenum, a rare but important element, which, when added as an alloy, gives strength at high temperatures, and increases the hardness and corrosion resistance of iron and steel. In its pure state it is used for heating elements in high-temperature electric furnaces and some electronics.

History and Tradition: The name comes from the Greek molybdos, meaning “lead”, as it was originally thought to be lead. Molybdenite was first recognised as a distinct mineral in 1778 by Swedish chemist Carl Scheele, but molybdenum wasn’t extracted until 1782 – by his colleague Jacob Hjelm. Because of its relatively recent discovery, there are no traditions associated with it.

Healing Properties: Molybdenite smooths the way to self-realisation, by encouraging self-reflection and stimulating creative thought processes, as well as general creativity. Creative thoughts will have clarity and direction, making ideas relatively easy to manifest. Molybdenite does not align itself with one particular chakra, but rather shines light onto each chakra, especially when held in its vicinity. It then mirrors back any problems in the area, so we understand where clearing and healing needs to take place, before encouraging the clearing process to begin. As a result, each chakra becomes balanced and vibrant. The process extends to the corresponding layers of the body’s energy field (subtle bodies), so the ‘tune up’ takes place on every level. There is a sense of the physical body and energetic bodies becoming coherent and whole, while at the same time, the auric field is strengthened. The process can extend outwards to those we are working with and relating to, meaning that working with others brings less friction and more continuity of ideas and direction. Molybdenite transmits energy and encourages energy flow – this is neither directional nor linear, but rather goes where it is needed.
Molybdenite is frequently found on quartzite matrix. The addition of quartz brings further strength and clarity to the mineral’s qualities, and more impetus to move forward with new plans and ideas.
It is interesting to note that molybdenum is an essential alloy in high-strength steel, and a lubricant that withstands temperatures that would burn most oils. It is also a semiconductor, and is currently being researched as a possible replacement for silicon in transistors and computer chips. It is also very pliant and flexible. Applying these qualities in a healing context, it makes sense that molybdenite strengthens the energy field and relieves friction between people.

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