Chemical Formula: Not Applicable

Lapis Lazuli is a mixture of calcite, lazulite and pyrite. It is composed of around 20 elements, and is therefore not considered to be a mineral, but a rock. The primary component is lazurite (23-40%). It is a deep, royal blue, opaque, and rarely forms crystals, but when it does they are cubic. Usually any crystals you see will be lazurite. It often shows inclusions of calcite, which appear white, and pyrite, which looks like gold glitter.

Birthstone for Sagittarius
Aligns with the Throat and Crown Chakras

Properties: Lapis Lazuli is a stone of wisdom, intellect, communication and nobility. It aids the dissemination of wisdom and knowledge, making it a good mineral for those who teach or are involved in public speaking, and especially helpful in this circumstance if worn near the throat. Lapis connects with old issues concerning the Throat Chakra, including past life issues, and can help to gently untangle and release long-standing problems associated with the throat. As with other blue stones, it can bring balance and support to the thyroid and parathyroid. In many cultures it was (and is still) believed to bring tranquillity of mind and a connection with the Divine. Crystal healer Mike Eastwood once told me it was the “control freak stone”. I knew it was in jest, as he made this comment while I was wearing it (and yes, I know …), but it serves as a reminder: the intellectual and noble qualities of lapis can sometimes make us forget we are not in control of others.

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