Chemical Formula: Mg2Si2O6 – Magnesium Silicate

Birthstone for Aries
Primarily aligns with the Root Chakra, plus Solar Plexus and Crown (also varies according to colour); affects the Third Eye & Throat

Properties: Enstatite is lively, friendly, and can have a mood-lifting effect. It helps us to re-charge the body’s flow of energy while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. It calms the mind, and helps to release tension held in the body, which in turn can have a pain-relieving effect when the pain is a direct result of tension (such as a tension headache). It aligns and awakens the major chakras, with a particular emphasis on the Sacral Chakra, and “shines a light” internally, so we become aware of any areas in need of work, particularly on a physical level. Enstatite can be useful in regression work, including past life regression.

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