Aligns with the Throat and Third Eye chakras and Bindu Visarga

Properties: Blue chalcedony has a gentle, calming energy, and is associated strongly with the throat chakra and communication. Because of its gentle nature and the sensitivity of the throat area, it is the main crystal employed for the throat in chakra layouts, preferably using a small piece, in order to limit discomfort. Gienger refers to it as the “friendship stone”, as it aids constructive communication, which includes listening, as well as clear expression. Blue chalcedony, particularly clearer, bluer examples, also facilitates higher communication with the Angelic Realm and our spirit guides. It connects with and clears the pineal gland, which governs our sleep patterns, and combined with its calm energy, is helpful in treating anxiety and sleep disorders, and can create a soothing protective cushion in our energy field, so we are not overly sensitive to outside energies. At the same time, it can help us to tune into the depths of our soul, allowing us to see our true selves. Held at the heart, it can help us connect with universal unconditional love, allowing us to feel this love for ourselves and for others.

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