Faden Quartz


Faden is German for fibre, and refers to the white string- or yarn-like inclusion if gas bubbles, which runs down the centre of the crystal, usually for its entire length. The crystals have a tabular (flat) habit. Faden Quartz is often used to form a connection between two people, such as healer and client, and in some cases, it is also used to strengthen the “silver cord” that connects the astral self to the physical self while exploring astral travel. It can be used to increase spiritual connection, by holding it near the Crown. It has the ability to surround the body with light, without the light penetrating the body, offering protection resembling a close-fitting suit of armour.

Crystal Data:

Mineral Classification: Silicates
Phase of formation: Igneous
Crystal System: Trigonal/Hexagonal
Colour: Colourless
Western Element: Spirit
Chinese element: Metal
Birthstone (Primary): Not Applicable
Birthstone (Secondary):
Chakra: Crown, Upper Crown
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