Amethyst and Smoky Sceptre Quartz


Amethyst and Smoky Sceptre Quartz, Namibia; 4-5 cm

Stunning quality with zoning of clear, amethyst, and smoky quartz, similar to Brandburg quartz (also from Namibia). Most have clear quartz as the rod with zoning on the tip crystal. One has a double-terminated rod with zoning in both crystals.

Crystal Data:

Mineral Classification: Silicates
Phase of formation: Igneous
Crystal System: Trigonal/Hexagonal
Colour: Colourless, purple, grey
Western Element: Spirit
Chinese element: Not Applicable
Birthstone (Primary): Pisces
Birthstone (Secondary): Aquarius, Capricorn
Chakra: Root, Third Eye, Crown

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