Properties: Gold tiger’s eye is the ‘Marmite’ of the crystal world, and divides opinion – many people love it, while others dislike it, or find it challenging and difficult to wear or work with. I’ve rarely seen so much superstition attached to a stone with so little tradition surrounding it. The vast majority believe it is a good luck stone, that will bestow abundance, and it is sometimes carried in a purse or wallet for this purpose. The few who find it challenging associate it instead with bad luck, and won’t have it near them. If you decide this is a crystal for you, in addition to the ‘good luck’ aspect, gold tiger’s eye is grounding and protective, without the heaviness of some of the Root Chakra crystals. It is also warming and stimulating, and strongly associated with creativity and the creative process. It is helpful in clearing ‘stuck’ energy in the Solar Plexus, when placed directly on the chakra in a layout, and brings with it a sunnier, more positive outlook.

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