Combines the properties of calcite and aragonite. Calcite supports and increases development on both a physical and spiritual level. It is one of the best clearing/cleansing minerals, fizzing away that which is not wanted/needed, and helping to clear on every level, thereby improving clarity of thought and purpose, and detoxifying the body. It also opens and strengthens the chakras, and encourages stability and self-trust, while helping us to transform our ideas into actions. Physically, calcite is an aid to the healing and strengthening of bones and teeth, as well as the strengthening of cell walls, and can also support blood-clotting. Aragonite shares many properties with its sister mineral, calcite. In addition to these attributes, aragonite clears unwanted energy throughout the body, including in each chakra and the energy body, and goes some way towards balancing all chakras. Although the vibration is high, it is surprisingly calming, making it especially effective in cases of oversensitivity. It can relieve tension headache by being placed directly on the Third Eye, and can also help relieve ‘foggy head’ and aid mental clarity. According to Gienger, it teaches us flexibility and tolerance (symbolised by its wide range of formation and habit), and stabilises physical and spiritual development. He says of septarian, that the aragonite helps us to keep centred in truth, while the brown calcite allows connection with the spiritual, and the concretions hold energy until it is needed. The combination is energising and enhances the perception of higher truth and love.


  • Chemical Formula: Aragonite and Calcite CaCO 3 – calcium carbonate; concretion N/A
  • Birthstone: Not aligned with any astrological sign
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root and Earth


    Yellow aragonite, brown calcite and natural concretion

Septarian Sphere

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