Chemical Formula: LiAlSi4O10 – lithium aluminium silicate

Secondary Birthstone for Leo
Aligns with the Crown Chakra and connects with the Throat; opens, clears and balances all chakras

Properties: This wonderful mineral awakens, balances and aligns the Chakras. It opens the Throat Chakra, stimulating communication, and is particularly good when there has been a long-term blockage in the area. Some systems refer to it as the ‘Angel Stone’, as it creates and strengthens connection and communication with the Angelic Realm. It enhances meditation, promotes psychic and spiritual development, grounds spiritual energy and provides a safe environment in which to work in this way, especially in Shamanic work. Petalite’s powerful yet gentle energy can purify the environment around it. It “lightens the load”, leaving us feeling as if the problems we have been carrying have been lifted off our shoulders, leaving us with a positive outlook and clarity of mind, and making it easier to see the way forward. This quality is especially helpful in cases of serious and long-term illness, as the patient is more likely to recover – and that recover to be more rapid, when he or she is feeling positive, making petalite extremely useful in the treatment of cancer, ME and AIDS, and in situations when the body is not healing as it should, such as when a broken bone isn’t knitting together properly. It also aids acceptance when recovery is not possible. Because of the presence of lithium, it has a calming anti-depressant effect, making it useful in the treatment of bi-polar disorder and general depression.

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