Chemical Formula: KAl2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2 (this is the formula for muscovite mica)
Mica is a family of sheet silicates; chemcial formula will vary slightly with variety

Mica is potassium silicate, which contains other elements according to variety. It forms in thin composite layers, which are strongly linked together, and will easily cleave into thin sheets, which are both flexible and elastic. The crystal system is monoclinic, but it usually forms as aggregate. The most common colour is silver (muscovite mica), but it can occur in pink to mauve (lepidolite), green (fuchsite), black (biotite), red (simply known as “red mica”) and bronze (phlogopite). When contained in other minerals, such as aventurine, it can give them a glittery appearance. The ionic charge of the molecules allows for the introduction of a positively charged potassium ion between silicate layers, strongly linking the composite layers.

Birthstone and Chakra Alignment will depend on variety

Properties of Mica: Mica is an excellent protection mineral, as it is not only insulating, but its reflective surface also deflects negative energy and psychic attack. Because of its non-conductivity, it is also very helpful in creating a shield from electromagnetic radiation, and can be placed on a desk between the user and a computer. The mirror-like quality also facilitates self-reflection and deep inner work. It can help us to recognise when our thoughts or behaviour is being mirrored back to us by others, and also when it is appropriate as a practitioner to mirror back to our clients. Sheets of mica are surprising flexible, and the mineral teaches us to be more organised and at the same time flexible, especially with issues involving our relationship and interaction with others. Melody suggests that mica can bring clarity in psychic visions, and that it allows us to see and recognise the flaws in humanity (and individuals), and still remain in a state of love, acceptance and compassion with humankind.

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