A rare form of pectolite originating from the Dominican Republic

Chemical Formula: NaCa2Si3O8OH

Birthstone for Leo
Aligns with the Heart and Throat Chakras

Properties: As a general healing stone, larimar is calming and soothing, encourages inner stillness and inner peace, and is believed to dissolve energy blocks, and balance the immune system and thyroid function. Larimar is truly a stone for our time, as its most pronounced characteristic is its ability to release anger and associated fear – especially old anger that has been held in the body for a long period, including anger from a past life. As we hold much of our stress, anger and fear in the Solar Plexus, larimar can be placed directly on that Chakra during treatment, and I have used it successfully with a number of clients, particularly those who have suffered abuse as children. In my experience, the deeper the colour, the stronger the effect of the stone. Larimar’s energy is gentle and the release is slow, so don’t expect an immediate reaction, but in most cases there is no danger of “healing crisis” in use – an advantage when working with old, deep-seated issues.

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