Also known as Ocean Sapphire, Water Sapphire, Cordierite or Dichroite; some minerologists now consider Iolite to be an obsolete name.

Iolite is the name for gem grade blue to violet-blue cordierite

Chemical Formula: Mg2Al4Si5O18 – magnesium aluminium silicate

Secondary Birthstone for Libra, Sagittarius & Taurus
Aligns with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Properties: Iolite is profoundly calming and serene. It induces a deep state of meditation while allowing us to still maintain a state of awareness, and enhances mediumistic abilities and spiritual communication. It is can stimulate visions and dream work, so can be applied in this capacity in Shamanic healing. Iolite can act as a general balancer, particularly balancing male-female energy, thereby promoting harmony in relationships, and aiding self-acceptance, as well as balancing and aligning the body’s energy field. It is one of a small elite group of minerals that assist balance the hemispheres of the brain and the development of new synapse pathways. Iolite encourages leadership and allows us to embrace responsibility. It is strongly directional, even when the symmetry of the crystal is not visible. As it is rarely available as complete crystals, it will need experimentation to work out the direction. In meditation, held one way it forms a protective shield of light, allowing one to look outward from the self (on a psychic or spiritual level), while remaining ‘invisible’ (similar to a 2-way mirror); the other direction allows for inner reflection. It can aid the regeneration of tissues. Iolite is sometimes used as an aid in overcoming addiction – including co-dependency, as it helps us to recognise the root the addiction.

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