Chemical Formula: (Na,K,Ca,Sr,Ba)5(Al9Si27)O72.26H2O

Birthstone for Sagittarius
Aligns with the Heart and Upper Heart Chakras

Properties: Green Heulandite has a gentle, soothing, watery energy, which connects with all Chakras, but mainly the Heart, Upper Heart and Solar Plexus. It allows one to feel safe and cocooned, while it reorganises and stimulates the energetic body. It supports the immune system, and can be used to treat sinus problems and IBS. It also gently opens the Third Eye, and facilitates psychic development. In some systems, Heulandite is considered a synthesis crystal, helping us to combine old and new. Heulandite also assists us in letting go of the constraints we place upon ourselves, allowing us to remain more open and centred.