Chemical Formula: ZnAl2O4 – zinc aluminium oxide

Mineralogy: Spinel is the name of a group of minerals that show intense colour variation, due to the inclusion of impurity elements. Spinel is found in mafic igneous rocks, aluminium-rich metamorphic rocks, and contact-metamorphosed limestone. Aluminium spinels, which are harder and clearer than iron or chromium spinels, are often faceted and set as gemstones.

General: Spinel commonly occurs as octahedral crystals. In Sacred Geometry, the octahedron is aligned with the element Air, and the Heart Chakra. It is symbolic of humanity, compassion, heaven/earth connection, the natural world, and the purified state of matter, and is used to alleviate stress, and bring clarity in confusion. Melody recommends spinel for renewal of energy (as does Robert Simmons) and to encourage further attempts at difficult tasks. Naisha Ahsian suggests its use to “relax, release resistance, and let go of worry”.

Gahnite (Zinc Spinel): Named in 1807 by Baron Karl Marie Ehrenbert von Moll in honour of Swedish chemist and mineralogist, Johan Gottlieb Gahn [August 19, 1745 Voxna Bruk, Hälsingland, Sweden – December 8, 1818 Falun, Sweden]. The new name replaced automalite named by Anders Gustav Ekeberg.



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