Birthstone for all astrological signs
Aligns with the Crown and Base; The Subtle Bodies

Properties: Elestial Quartz forms flat, multiple terminations, usually on one face, although single crystals also occur. It is most often smoky, though it may also be clear or amethyst. Elestial crystals often contain pockets of water (enhydro), many with moving air bubbles, and can exhibit clay phantoms and hopper faces (a face which does not form uniformly and flat, but appears to be etched). Elestial Quartz is purifying, balancing and comforting, useful in removing blockages and fear, helps to overcome emotional burdens and opens us to make necessary changes in our lives, and thereby is considered a transitional stone. It is also purported to be useful in accessing and understanding past lives. Its presence in an area can heal the entire surrounding community.

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