Chemical Formula: AlO(OH)

Secondary birthstone for Leo, Libra and Pisces
Aligns with the Solar Plexus and Sacral (Navel) Chakras; Third Eye and Crown

Properties: Diaspore opens the Solar Plexus, and through it fills the entire body with gold light, enlivening and strengthening our life force, right down to a cellular level. It also opens the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, encouraging development on a spiritual and psychic level, while remaining grounded, protected and strong. It is especially protective for the Throat Chakra, but also allows a release of the past from the same area, helping us to communicate more freely without the hindrances of previous negative experiences. The energy is very directional, and when held horizontally, it allows for expansion, but when held vertically it aligns and centres energy. With great care and prior experience, it can be used in trance mediumship to invite our Guide in to speak through us.

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