Minerology: Chrysotile is the fibrous material that is spun to create asbestos. It is not considered highly dangerous in its natural form (large amounts would need to be inhaled over several years to cause a problem), but I don’t recommend sniffing it – just in case! It is closely related to lizardite, and is sometimes found interlayered with it.

Healing Properties: Chrysotile has the same heart/abdomen connection as other serpentines, but its energy is very light. It is profoundly clearing, and balances and aligns all chakras. It has an interesting angelic connection, so may feel as if the clearing is from the flapping of wings, which leaves the user feeling lighter, centred and holding themselves upright.

There is a lovely variety of thinly layered chrysotile and lizardite originating from Australia, known as ‘silver eye’. It combines the lightness of chrysotile with the abdominal focus of green lizardite.

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