Chemical Formula: BeAl2O4 – beryllium aluminium oxide

Birthstone for Leo
Aligns with the Heart and Upper Heart Chakra; affects all Chakras

Properties: Chrysoberyl is balancing, mood-lifting, and emotionally soothing, especially for the heart. It is lovely to use after a traumatic experience, to “smooth ruffled feathers”. Chrysoberyl can gently shield and protect, and also supports the immune system. It radiates an intense green light into the body, burns off any negative energy, and balances, clears  and connects all the Chakras. It is particularly strong around the Solar Plexus, Heart and Upper Heart Chakras, and can increase one’s sense of inner strength and vitality. Physically, it reduces inflammation, and is useful in the treatment of sinus problems and IBS. A crystal water (without brandy as a preservative) can be used to treat eye irritations. Spiritually, it opens the Third Eye Chakra and allows one to remain grounded while working both psychically and spiritually.

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