Also known as ‘new jade’, precious serpentine, noble serpentine, serpentinite, and bowenite.

This is a dense cryptocristalline mixture of serpentine group minerals, mainly antigorite, chrysotile and lizardite, which is used for carving. It also contains a variety of minor impurities such as chlorite, ilmenite, magnetite and talc. Technically, this material is a rock and not a mineral. It may also be regarded as a variety of serpentinite. It is very popular for Chinese carvings, and is often mistaken for jade – though can be distinguished from jade in that jade is much harder, and nephrite jade usually darker in colour, while jadeite, which can be a similar pale green, is more granular.

The energy of Chinese serpentine is soft, gentle and watery, like a clear still pool, and is immensely cleansing and detoxifying. It can calm and sooth, bringing tranquillity to the user, and helping them to relax physically and mentally. Its colour and connection with the Upper Heart Chakra brings gentle support to the immune system, and balance on many levels, including balance of thyroid function. It can help to quiet the mind and promote a deep meditative state. Melody suggests using it to clear the chakras.

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