Also known as Barian Celestite

Chemical Formula: (Sr,Ba)SO4

Mineralogy: This section is in reference to the massive banded orange variety from Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England.

Healing Properties: Celestobaryte combines the general qualities of baryte and celestite. The orange massive variety also contains hematite and pyrite, giving it the added benefits of iron: grounding, protection, and warrior energy. Orange celestobaryite is very clearing and subtly energising, leaving the user with a clear, quiet mind, and a sense of detachment from emotive situations, and able to access their inner strength. It can gently improve libido, if used with that intention. Massive celestobaryte is not as fragile as celestite, and has been carved into tools for massage and other bodywork. Used in massage, it quickly releases tension held in the muscles and even relieves the resulting pain; it is also excellent for clients who find it difficult to ‘let go’ and relax.

Judy Hall suggests it is a magical stone and advocates its use in magic and shamanic practice – quite a different take on its energy from mine, and probably worth exploring.


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