Aligns with the Throat Chakra

Properties: Blue baryte brings calm serenity in times of stress, and spreads warm energy throughout the body, as slowly and inexorably as lava, helping us to release held tension, and bringing a sense of inner expansiveness. It is a general balancer, especially for the pituitary, which in turn is the master regulator for the endocrine system. It cleanses, clears and opens the Throat Chakra, aiding communication on all levels, and also facilitates spinal alignment from the base of the spine up, straightening and elongating the mechanical body, so you feel you are “standing tall”. This effect is most powerful at the top of the cervical spine (neck), just beneath the occipital bone at the base of the skull, where in addition to supporting the physical body, it also clears and strengthens the body/brain connection. Used as a cluster, the inner expansion is so powerful, that it feels as if a flower is opening in the upper torso. Similar to epidote, clusters of blue baryte have such strong energy, that they should only be used for relatively short periods of time. It is safe to use the direct method when creating a gem essence.

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