Healing Properties: Green aventurine is
balancing, supports the immune system, assists in general physical healing, and
is the foremost green heart stone in use in crystal therapy. It is considered
so harmonising that it is used in Shen Tao Feng Shui, specifically to restore
harmony in the home when there has been conflict between the inhabitants. In my
experience of using it for this purpose, the cause of the conflict often
chooses to remove him- or herself from the situation almost immediately,
although in some cases genuine harmony is restored without a major change of
occupants. Green aventurine is said to enhance self-esteem. The included mica
has a dampening effect on electromagnetic radiation, and it can be worn, or
placed near computers. Aventurine often contains included pyrite, which aids
protection and lifts the spirits. Michael Gienger recommends the green variety
in the treatment of certain heart diseases and arteriosclerosis.

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