Key Words: Harmony, balance

Colour: Green, blue, orange-to-red, brown
Chemical Formula: SiO2 - a massive variety of quartz

Birthstone: Secondary Birthstone for Aries and Libra
Chakra: Heart and Upper Heart (general)

Mineralogy: Aventurine is a variety of
quartz. The name was originally a trade name, but is now widely accepted as the
mineralogical name. It forms massively (with no distinct crystal faces), and is
characterised by its spangled or glittery appearance, which is due to the
inclusion of other minerals. It is most commonly dark opaque green, the
colouration and sparkle due to included fuchsite (green mica), and it often has
pyrite inclusion as well. Brown aventurine is coloured by pyrite, and red
aventurine by hematite. It also occurs in yellow, orange and blue. It is
generally sold as a tumbled or polished stone, or in jewellery. In the past,
the name aventurine was also applied to certain varieties of feldspar, sunstone
in particular.

History and
The name comes from the Italian ventura, meaning “chance” – as in it was found by chance. There are
no traditions associated with aventurine

Healing properties are listed under individual colours.

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