Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and yellow quartz (similar to citrine), carrying the qualities of both, which are practically opposites of one another. In addition to the properties of the individual crystals, ametrine carries the energies of the Heavenly Chakras, as well as those of the Earthly. It is a balancing crystal on many levels, and is particularly good for working with male-female energies and creating a physical/spiritual (or Heaven/Earth) connection. It helps to clear the aura and release blockages, brings clarity of thought, and aids concentration. It is especially good for moving on to a new phase of life, or manifesting spiritual practice on the earthly plane.


  • Chemical Formula: SiO2 – silicon dioxide
  • Group: Silicates – tectosilicates
  • Crystal System: Trigonal/hexagonal
  • Hardness: 7
  • Birthstone: Secondary Birthstone for Libra
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus and Third Eye
  • Element: Fire and Spirit

Also known as Bolivianite.

Ametrine crystals are made of alternating sectors of purple and yellow. When cut perpendicular to the c axis of the crystal, flat slabs look a bit like a pinwheel. The purple sectors are situated under the positive rhombohedral faces, and the yellow sectors under the negative rhombohedral faces. While the purple sectors are actually amethyst, the yellow or orange sectors are not citrine, because they are coloured by inclusions of iron compounds and would more properly be called ferruginous quartz. Accordingly, on heating ametrine, the purple sectors pale, while the yellow-orange sectors keep their colour (information from MinDat).

History and Tradition:
Ametrine has only recently become known, and therefore there are no traditions associated with this mineral.



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