Chemical Formula: LiAl(PO4)F

Birthstone: Secondary Birthstone for Taurus

Chakra: Aligns with all chakras, particularly the Solar Plexus

Properties: Yellow amblygonite is a tiny powerhouse of energy. When used in meditation, it floods the body with golden light, strengthening our connection with the divine, and in turn reminding us of our own divinity. It energises and centres all Chakras, particularly the Solar Plexus and above, and also can help us feel our connection with the earth while working at higher levels. Emotionally, it is a powerful anti-depressant, and because of its lithium content, may also be used to balance emotions in the case of bi-polar syndrome. Physically, amblygonite is a warming crystal, and can be used to treat infection and fever, as well as supporting the filtre organs and immune system; spiritually, it can burn off unwanted karma and energy blocks. All-in-all, an amazing and powerful crystal with a deceptively ordinary appearance!

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