Psychic Readers

The Rebel Angel Shop hosts psychic readers. Readings take place in the conservatory adjacent to the shop. Dianne and Jo are here regularly, and we also have visiting readers from London and Iceland.

Readings must be booked in advance – please ring 01225 309 207 or e-mail We only offer one-to-one readings, so no hen parties, please.


Dianne Penny Dianne Penny
My background is in Complementary Medicine – I have been a Shiatsu, Bowen Technique and Flower Essences practitioner for many years. I began actively studying psychic development – something I’ve had a lifelong  interest in – around 2 years ago.

My main emphasis is on using my intuitive skills to help people clarify what, on some level, they already know, and helping them towards a greater sense of themselves – their direction and purpose. I am cautious about ‘prediction’, as I feel at best we can sense only probabilities.

My primary way of working is through ‘clairsentience’ i.e., ‘feeling’ what is going on for a person. I find it useful to hold an object belonging to the person having the reading, such as a ring or other item of jewellery, to get an ‘energy imprint’ of them as a starting point  (this is what is referred to as ‘psychometry’).

I am trained in Hand Analysis (I have a Diploma in Cheirology). How I work at the moment is in gaining an intuitive sense of the person through their hand, as a manifestation of their energy and being. (Please don’t be alarmed if I want to hold your hand!)

When appropriate, I use an inspiring deck called The Faery Oracle in my readings.

I may bring mediumship into the reading, if the sitter is comfortable with this. I believe it makes  sense, and that it is natural, to draw on guidance and support from unseen helpers, so long as what is picked up ‘feels right’. I also feel it is very valuable and comforting to help people make contact with loved ones who have passed over, and affirm that there is enduring connection beyond death.

I am offering distant, as well as face-to-face, readings, using the person’s name and date of birth, or a photograph, and emailing them or speaking on the ‘phone, to discuss what I have picked up. This of course would suit anyone for whom getting to Rebel Angel is not convenient, or people who are very busy.


Jo Dickinson

Jo Dickinson
As a psychic empathic reader my primary intention is to help bring guidance and direction as we explore possibilities in your life’s journey.

For as long as I can remember I have experienced a strong awareness of the energy surrounding the people I meet.  I have a background in a variety of healing techniques built up over the past 15 years.  I am qualified to practice Crystal Therapy, Angel Harmonic Healing and Reiki and also work as a coach and mentor in the corporate arena.

During your reading, using a combination of Angel cards and crystals, I intuitively tune into Angelic frequencies to seek understanding and advice that may help you with specific issues or decisions.  From time to time, a guide or the spirit of someone close may enter the reading to pass on a particular message or insight.  Often you may unconsciously know what is right for you but receiving confirmation from another realm in this way can bring a new sense of positivity and confidence.

Over the past 3 years I have increasingly worked with Crystal Skulls and the link they offer to cosmic dimensions.  This link can provide a wealth of information on past life events as well as future potential.  If you feel you have been here before the chances are you probably have.   Learning more about this can often bring a new perspective on your current situation and life purpose.

Readings will normally be given using Angel cards and crystals but if you would like a Crystal Skull reading just let me know.

In addition to my scheduled reading dates at Rebel Angel, I am happy to offer readings by email.  This involves agreeing a specific time that I will sit for you and tune into your space in just the same way as if we were in a room together.  I then type up your reading and provide photographs of the cards/crystals used.