We are living in interesting times. As my friend, facilitator Jules Heavens, said recently, “There needs to be a new word for intense.”

Amongst other things, the recent total solar eclipse revealed “that which is hidden” (think of the corona of the sun’s atmosphere – something never visible except during a total eclipse). Some of you may have had a revelation about your place in this world or your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. Alternatively, you may be caught up in fear (both personal, or regarding the state of the world), or have simply been faced with an unpleasant truth about yourself. Now is a time of contemplation, clearing and preparation for what is to come. If old stuff rises to the surface, just let it go (I hear a song coming on).

Last month I featured rubellite, to help keep the Heart open in difficult times. You’ll see above that I’ve chosen labradorite for this month’s featured crystal, but I was hard pressed to choose just one – so many would be appropriate! Aquamarine shows us the truth and aids communication during the current Mercury retrograde, while sodalite supports self-acceptance, smoky quartz helps us release old stuff that no longer serves, and garnet encourages working together in community … I could go on.

What’s important is that we take the time to plan the journey, and look for support when we need it. Think about signing up for a course or joining a group of like-minded people. Spend time in meditation and contemplation, and most of all, let your crystals be a source of strength, comfort and clarity.

With love,



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