It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that I’m publishing the October newsletter very near the end of the month – which tells you a lot about my life (and many other peoples’ lives these days), if not the current energies. It seems we all have more on our plates than we’re able to deal with, leaving most of us feeling stressed and stretched beyond capacity. And the intensity doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon.

I’ve chosen blue lace agate – the “friendship stone” – for this month’s featured crystal, as an antidote to global bickering. This beautiful crystal helps us to listen to others and communicate constructively, and does so with serenity.

There seems to be an almost universal inability to listen to a point of view that disagrees with our own. I’m not immune. Most of my life I have been able to see both sides in any argument (making me terrible at arguing, while not bad at compromising), but I recently find myself getting inappropriately angry, or else not expressing my needs or beliefs clearly, for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings. I am certainly not alone, and although most of this vacillation goes on inside my head, others are not so silent. World leaders sound like they’re conducting a fight on the school playground, and I was appalled recently to hear that universities are encouraging “no platforming”, in case a speaker challenges, offends or upsets one of the students.

Beliefs need to be challenged from time to time, so they become more robust, but, apart from the propagation of hate, it’s also important to respect the opinion of others, even when we disagree, and find compromise where possible.

May you discover loving friendships, and value and respect one another, whether or not you share their beliefs.

With love,

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