Chiemical Formula: CaTiSiO5 - calcium tiatnium silicate
Also known as Titanite in allusion to its titanium content

Birthstone for Sagittarius
Aligns with the Heart (Upper Heart)

Properties: Sphene (Titanite) is calming, balancing and stabilises moods and emotions.  It supports the immune system, acts as a general all-round healing crystal, and especially promotes healing of sinus problems and bone and soft tissue damage. Spiritually, it aids the gentle opening and clearing of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, allowing for further spiritual growth, and emotionally does the same with the Heart Chakra, releasing stagnant emotions and sadness.

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Titanite (Sphene) Cluster
Titanite (Sphene) Crystal

Titanite (Sphene) Crystal

1.5 - 2 cm ..


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