A green variety of quartz

Chemical Formula: SiO2

No known astrological sign
Aligns with the Heart and Upper Heart Chakras

Properties: Prasiolite is very special, and deserves to be recognised in its own right. It has a light, happy energy, which circulates throughout the body in tiny spirals, before focussing around the heart, reminding us of joyful summer days in childhood. It connects with the Heart Protector or Pericardium Meridian in Chinese medicine, which helps to open the chest and promote clear breathing. It aids relaxation in the respiratory system and intercostals, while having a gentle calming effect, making it an excellent crystal for treating asthma, hay fever, and related chest and sinus complaints. Spiritually, prasiolite promotes awareness of Christ Consciousness, the highest state of intellectual development and emotional maturity, blended with the Divine Mind.

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