Goshenite (Clear Beryl)

Goshenite (Clear Beryl)

Chemical Formula: Be3Al2Si6O18 - beryllium aluminium silicate
Clear Beryl, related to aquamarine, emerald, morganite and heliodor

Birthstone for Libra
Aligns with the Crown Chakra
Element: Spirit

General Properties for Beryl: All beryls are heart-centred, and are calming and balancing. With this also comes a sense of analytical detachment, making them extremely helpful in stepping back from a problem in order to gain insight. Beryls have been used for thousands of years to treat injuries and diseases of the eyes, and detoxify or remove poison from the body. Some of the best known and best loved gemstones are members of the beryl species, and each have their own individual properties.

Properties: Goshenite encourages neutrality and the ability to stand back from conflict and challenge, so we may understand the true nature of that conflict and grow from the experience. Like aquamarine, it inspires us to “speak our truth” from a position of strength and integrity, and without anger. As with other beryls, goshenite calms and balances the autonomic nervous system, and can be worn in times of stress to help calm, and control panic attacks and stress-related illness. According to Melody, it can be used to open and activate the Crown Chakra.

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